Gamers Guide for Fun Backgrounds on Instagram Story

Author: Swati Updated on: February 15, 2024

Sharing gaming adventures and getting to know other players is an important part of the online trip for gamers. 

Instagram Stories are a fun way to show off your gaming experiences, accomplishments, and the pure joy of playing your best games. Adding a fun and interesting background to your Instagram Stories can make them look better and show who you are as a gamer. 

This guide will show you creative ways to make your Instagram Stories more interesting by adding fun and game-themed backgrounds.

1. Photos and In-Game Grabs

So, how to change background in Instagram story?

Putting photos or in-game grabs as the background of your Instagram Story is the most real way to show off your gaming experience. 

Take pictures of great times, high scores, or beautiful scenery from the games you love. This gives your Stories a more personal touch and lets you share your in-game successes with the people who follow you.

2. Customized game Artwork 


If you want to be an artist, you can make or order customized game art. Make a background that looks like your best scenes, characters, or symbols from games. 

There are many skilled artists on sites like Etsy and Fiverr who can turn your video game dreams into colorful and one-of-a-kind backgrounds for your Instagram Stories.

3. Animated GIFs and Stickers

Move and spice up your Stories with gaming-themed animated GIFs and stickers. These things, like a dancing game character, moving guns, or emotions related to games, can give your Instagram Stories a fun and lively feel. 

You can find a lot of video game material on Giphy and in Instagram’s sticker library.

4. Green Screen Magic 

If you like being creative with technology, you might want to try using green screen technology. You can remove the background from a lot of game footage, which lets you put yourself on top of different game scenes or your own custom backgrounds. 

Once you have your green screen footage, you can use video editing apps to make your Instagram Story background look better and more like you.

5. Themed Background Templates 

Learn more about graphic design to find themed background templates that fit the way you like to play games. 

There are many Instagram Story designs that you can change on websites like Canva. Look for designs that have gaming features like controllers or patterns that look like they came from games. By adding your own text to these themes, you can make them truly yours.

6. Collage of Gaming Experiences

For the background, make a collage of your favorite gaming experiences. 

Put together pictures of your gaming setup, screenshots from different games, and pictures of you playing. Not only does this collage look nice as a background, but it also shows some of your game history.

7. Retro Gaming Aesthetics

Use backgrounds that look like old games or platforms to get into the nostalgic mood of retro gaming. Use pixel art, old-school fonts, and color schemes from the past to bring back the charm of the early days of games. 

This style is a nod to the past of video games and gives your Instagram Stories a unique and stylish look.

8. Screenshots of Live Streams 


If you watch a lot of live streams, you can use screenshots of them as backgrounds for your Instagram Stories. This not only gets the word out about your streaming, but it also gives people a look at how you play games and connect with your viewers.


In conclusion, your Instagram Stories let you show who you are as a gamer and share the fun of your gaming adventures with the world. 

Adding fun and interesting backgrounds will not only get people’s attention, but it will also make the story more engaging. Let your imagination run wild as you use photos, original art, moving elements, or a mix of all of these to show how much you love games on Instagram. Step up your game, stand out in the gaming community, and let your great gaming stories unfold on Instagram Stories.


Author: Swati

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