Likes and dislikes of the best offset smokers

Author: born2gamer Updated on: May 12, 2023

We have many good offset smokers in the market; however, they are not the same. Each product has features that make it in contention with others in the market. However, we had to dig deeper to find out what customers like and those they don’t in the best offset smokers currently. The analysis is based on the top five brands. This analysis will be of great help when deciding on investing in one of these top models.

  1. Oklahoma Joe’s highland reverse flow smoker

In most people’s opinion, this is the top offset smoke as of March 2022.

Customers’ affections;

  • Perfect heat distribution- the smoke distributes heat evenly within its four baffles. The temperature usually has a variety of fewer than 10 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Its construction and durability depict an excellent sense of value for your money.
  • Has an excellent traditional look


  • It may look easy to fix, but it will always disappoint you without a sealant. In addition, without a bond, the smoker usually leaks.
  1. Yoder Wichita loaded

All top companies that produce quality offset smokers have had one product that stands out from the rest. The Yoder Wichita is considered a product of severe enthusiasts. In addition, it is the only offset smoker that has no limitation.

What people like:

  • Even distribution of temperature. This is enabled by a digital system that allows you to control the heat that comes out of the firebox. Furthermore, the smoker has holes that vary in size allow in the air, thus making the heat to be evenly distributed.
  • Has side-out racks that increase the total cooking area. Moreover, if you are cooking large items, the frame can be removed
  • 75 years warranty. This is ridiculous! This tells us how the manufacturer trusts the product
  1. Meadow creek sq 36

What people like:

  • It is easily customizable. The smoker can easily be converted to a charcoal grill by adding a charcoal pan
  • It is readily available, especially in the United States Of America


  • If you are thinking about shipping the device, you should consider digging deeper into your pockets. Moreover, if you are out of America, it may take a lot of time.
  1. Char- griller smoking pro

What people like:

  • It can be used as a charcoal grill
  • It is one of the most affordable offset smokers in the market


  • Unreliable built-in thermometer. Even though this is a cheap smoker, a low-quality thermometer in the smoker does not make any sense.
  • Without any modifications, the smoker is usually very leaky. To modify the smoker costs much, and it is something you cannot avoid since the smoker can disappoint you during windy weather conditions.
  • Most people have experienced paint peeling off with time.


This review will help you choose the best offset smoker from the numerous models in the market. These are things that people like or do not from the top four brands. When you decide to invest in a smoker, you always want to go for the best. Don’t you?

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