Madden NFL 24: What are the New Additions?

Author: varsha Published on: October 18, 2023

Since the very first edition was released in 1988, Madden NFL has been one of the most popular game franchises. Not only does it have a huge following among American Football fans, it’s one of the best selling sports games of all time.

As 2023 comes to a close, the latest in the long line of releases is about to hit the shelves. Madden NFL 24 is on the way, but what will set it apart from its predecessors?

The Basics

Madden 24 was released on August 18, 2023, and early figures indicate that this should be the best selling title in the franchise. Named after the legendary coach and commentator John Madden, its reach goes beyond the gaming world.

Ranking systems used by the game are reflected in other NFL stats. Media outlets pay attention to them, while sports betting operators have used those rankings when analyzing regular season pricing and NFL playoff odds.

The new editions are unrecognizable from that first 1988 release, but Madden continues to evolve. Every year, there are upgrades to gameplay, so what can players expect from Madden NFL 24?

Training Camp

A training camp mode has been available in previous editions, but it’s back and improved for 2024. Within this part of Madden NFL 24, coaches can arrange mini games between players on their roster. It’s all about improving the depth of the squad, and identifying potential in key areas.

There are 11 different mini games within training camp mode, each of which is designed to improve skills in separate positions. For example, the quarterbacks can take part in the target passing game, linebackers will battle it out in chase and tackle, while there is even a place for punters with Coffin Corner.

Each member of the roster will be tested during training camp and, if undertaken correctly, this can strengthen the team when the time comes to walk out onto the pitch. Coaches earn medals and skill points which, in turn, can upgrade a player.


The trading system in Madden has received a huge overhaul for the 2024 edition. The franchise aims to be as realistic as possible, and they have acknowledged that the previous trading platform failed to reflect the patterns in the real NFL.

For the latest release, developers EA Sports have introduced more trade slots, doubling the overall number from three to six. The producers have looked to keep a balance between realism and fun, so they have kept the number of trades available in each slot at three.

EA Sports have also tinkered with the draft system that takes place ahead of each new season. There is more capital available to keep pace with the six picks that are available. Madden players can also trade up to two years in advance.

The trade and draft section of Madden NFL has received the most attention in the last 12 months. Those changes are just part of an upgraded and expanded system that will keep game players busy across the season.

In the 2024 release, Madden devotees can also receive generated offers for any player on their roster. It’s then possible to make a counter offer with a view to completing a final trade.

Upgraded Commissioner Tools

The latest edition of Madden NFL also gives players more power when it comes to customizing their own leagues. While many still like to play solo, others will join forces and compete against friends and family for a wider NFL experience.

With Madden NFL 24, the new Commissioner Tool upgrades have added more features to franchise mode in order to allow for that customization and for players to set up a bespoke competition.

And There’s More

Following a busy few months for the developers, more additions have been included in the Madden NFL 24 package. Players can now switch off their depth chart reordering facility, or they can continue to leave it on, to run in the background.

Another new element allows players to tinker with the draft class strength. If, for example, they are weak in a specific area of the field, they can filter out the draft picks to leave the most effective players in that position.

There are new, different settings that include very weak, weak, normal, strong and very strong, which will save time when assessing the draft options.

As the holiday season approaches, Madden NFL 24 will be among the most popular games in shops and online. Even if the producers had made minimal changes, it’s certain that the 2024 release would be a best seller, but it’s clear that EA Sports haven’t been complacent.

The upgrades are among the most significant we’ve seen in recent years, and that may just lead to record sales for this hugely popular NFL game. 

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