Most Popular Sports in Kent, Washington

Author: sweety Published on: November 28, 2023

Our immediate environment and cultural context often mold our inclinations toward sporting or recreational activities. For instance, while a European might have a penchant for sports such as football and card games like poker or blackjack, an Indian might be more interested in cricket, kabaddi, and roulette game tricks in Hindi. The key idea is that specific sports and games enjoy popularity in distinct geographical regions worldwide, and it’s only natural for the residents of those areas to be drawn towards those particular activities. 

Like many other cities across the United States, Kent, Washington, is no exception to the American trend of being sports-centric. Here, sports is a recreational pursuit and an integral thread in the community’s fabric. Whether it’s little league baseball games at local parks, high school football rivalries, or the ever-present pickup basketball games at the neighborhood courts, sports bring people together in the community.

This article explores the world of sports in Kent, exploring the most popular ones in the city. Let’s dive right in!

American football

It’s a straightforward fact that American football holds a special place in the hearts of Americans. And like many other cities in the US, Kent shares this deep affection for the sport. Kent’s love for the game is most evident during the high school football season, with fans turning out in force to cheer on their favorite teams from the stands.

Although there’s no NFL team within its city limits, Kent benefits from its proximity to Seattle, where the Seattle Seahawks proudly represent the region in the NFL. This geographical closeness has led to the Seahawks garnering a dedicated fan base that transcends Seattle’s borders, with Kent’s residents passionately embracing their regional representative. On matchdays, you’ll often find Kent residents proudly donning Seahawks gear, attending games, and coming together to celebrate their shared enthusiasm for the team.


Basketball is another renowned top sport across the United States and occupies a cherished position in Kent. While the city may not currently host an NBA team, its basketball culture centers primarily around high school basketball and different amateur adult basketball leagues. Kent also boasts many youth basketball communities with various leagues and teams for children of different ages. 

The city was known to strongly associate with the Seattle SuperSonics, a beloved NBA team no longer based in Seattle. The SuperSonics held a prominent presence in the region. They garnered an ardent following in Kent before their relocation to Oklahoma City, where they now play as the Oklahoma City Thunder. Overall, the popularity of basketball in Kent is undeniable, and it’s evident in the numerous local teams, leagues, and tournaments that keep the sport alive.


While baseball in Kent may not command the same high-profile status as American football and basketball, it boasts a strong and dedicated community that actively participates in and rallies behind the sport. The city’s affection for the sport is notably visible through its abundance of local teams, mini leagues, and amateur competitions, making this sport an integral part of its sporting culture.

Kent’s local high schools further contribute to the sport’s popularity, fielding competitive baseball teams actively participating in challenging leagues and tournaments. These high school baseball games draw enthusiastic support from students and the community. It is safe to say that baseball coexists harmoniously with other major sports in Kent while retaining its own passionate and vibrant community of players and fans.


Soccer, often called the “world’s game,” has a passionate following in Kent. The city boasts a thriving soccer scene, where the love for the sport transcends generations. From kids kicking the ball in local parks to adults playing in organized leagues, soccer is a common language that brings the community together.

However, although soccer is a popular sport in the city, it doesn’t steal the spotlight like it occasionally does in places like Miami or Dallas, where it is closer in competition with American favorites like football, basketball, and baseball. This is quite understandable because, unlike these cities, Kent doesn’t have its own MLS team. However, it’s part of the larger Seattle metropolitan area, home to passionate Seattle Sounders FC fans. The Sounders are a famous MLS team, and their matches also draw viewers and supporters from Kent and the surrounding communities.


Golf is a favored recreational activity for locals and visitors seeking to unwind in Kent outdoors. The city offers a variety of golf courses, attesting to the sport’s popularity in the area. These courses attract local golf enthusiasts and visitors looking to enjoy the sport in a scenic and relaxed setting. 

Below is a list of some of the popular golf courses in and around the area:

  • Meridian Valley Country Club
  • Jade Greens Golf Course
  • Auburn Golf Course
  • Twin Lakes Golf and Country Club
  • Riverbend Golf Complex

While it may not be the dominant sport, golf contributes to the diverse sports culture of Kent. It provides a welcoming and enjoyable pastime for those who appreciate the game.


Kent, Washington, embraces a rich and diverse sports culture, with American football, basketball, baseball, soccer, and golf taking center stage in the hearts of its residents. While the absence of certain professional teams in the city is noticeable, its proximity to Seattle ensures that residents enthusiastically support their regional favorites.


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