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Violet Jade, a famous female porn actress, was born on 18th March 1995. On 21st February 2024, she is 28 years and 11 months old. She will turn 29 years old in this respective year. We know you would be surprised by her age and the way she looks. But that’s the reality. Violet Jade’s place of birth and present residence are still the same. She is currently living in her house located in the United States of America. She is one of the most popular and loved female porn actresses. 

Violet Jade is a gorgeously hot female porn actress. With that Pisces energy and a hot, fuckable figure, Jade is a pro at performing mature and sexual scenes in front of the camera. However, the ironic part over here is Jade was afraid of the camera when she first joined the porn industry. ‘I have a massive camera fear. I doubt if I will ever succeed as a porn actress or not. This particular statement was made by Jade Violet when she finally decided to take a step further from her modeling career. Well, look at her now! She is really a pro at fucking in front of the camera. 

Violet Jade Biography: Overview

Professional Name  Violet Jade
Real Name Not Disclosed
Nick Name Jade
Current Age  29 Years
Date of Birth 18th March 1995
Zodiac Sign  Pisces
Gender Female 
Nationality American
Birth Place United States Of America
Profession  Adult Actress (Female Porn Star)
Religion Caucasian
Residence United States Of America
Relationship Status Taken; Committed 
Sexuality Bisexual (as per the porn movies)
Partner/Spouse  Not Disclosed (kept private)
Mother Not Disclosed (kept private)
Father  Not Disclosed (kept private)
Height 5 Feets 6 Inches
Weight  60 Kg
Chest Size 34D
Waist Size 28 inches
Buttock Size 34 inches
Hair Color Black
Eye Color  Dark Brown

Why did Violet Jade become famous? 

Violet Jade is a popular porn actress who is basically famous for her versatile and diverse mature and sexual scenes. People love to watch Jade having Sex with guys in different positions. Some of the most popular ones are Sex in the Car, Sex with a Stranger, milf fucked bad, and Violet Jade Gangbang. 

Additionally, Jade is bisexual by nature. This is another reason why she is a famous female porn actress. She has no problem having Sex with girls as well. There are a lot of videos in which Jade is having lesbian Sex with other girls. Some of the most popular lesbian sex videos of Violet Jade are lesbian forced for a foursome, lesbian fight and wrestling, lesbians having an orgy, and Violet Jade and Paige Steele as naughty neighbors. 

Violet Jade, wearing a beautiful white top with blue shorts, is inviting you to make love to her. 

Violet Jade  Instagram Account and Other Social Media links

Social Media Platform Username
Facebook Violet Jade 
Instagram  _Violet._.Jade_
Twitter (now X) _Violet._.Jade_
Onlyfans  _I._.am_Violet._.Jade_
Telegram  _Violet._.Jade_

Winding up 

This was our blog on everything about Violet Jade. She is a famous female porn actress who claims to be doing her dream job. She is a bisexual person with a sex addiction. Hence, indulging in the porn industry is not only her profession but her passion as well. She is doing something that she really enjoys. The way she delivers her sexual performances in front of the camera is just breathtaking. Irrespective of the location, place, and person, Violet ultimately gets into the character and gives an excellent performance. Pher viewers and fans love the way Jade makes it look easy to perform sexual activities in cars, washrooms, public areas, and bedrooms, of course.

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